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Fritz365 A Year In Poetry

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All the things that go on inside inside the author's head; that's exactly what you'll find here. No filter applied, other than the attempt to make it pleasing to read in some way.

Sometimes it rhymes, sometimes not. It's beautiful, then ugly, cruel then kind. It's all of human emotion and desire, done every day.

This collection of poetry was written over the course of 2011. An entry was made every day, as part of an exercise for the author to expand his poetic range. It's up to you to decide if change did occur as far as style, and expertise. What it is, is simple: 365 daily entries, to amuse and horrify, justify and vilify. There will be things in here that you will love. And things that you will feel nothing but disdain for. What else is poetry for, if not to make us feel such things?

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