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Do Republicans have a sense of humor?

Can they take a joke? Seriously, can they laugh at themselves?

Richard Charmer is a Republican standup comedian having a crisis of political faith. Everything he believes in is crashing down around him. Time to take another tablet.

“Republican Standup: Fundraiser” is a tragically funny political story. What happens when a man loses respect for his own politics?

What happens when the joke’s on the joker?


‘Caustic, trenchant look at the plight of the modern standup comedian.’ Clive Watkin

‘Boscutti’s sense of irony flip flops between rough humor and seething panic.’ Ray Adler

‘Somehow tantalizingly funny and heroic at the same time.’ Alan Michelson

‘Are there any conservative comedians out there? I looked everywhere but couldn’t find any funny right wing comics still alive. So I had to make one up.’ Stefano Boscutti

Published: Stefano Boscutti on
ISBN: 9780980712544
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