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EarthCentre: The End of the Universe

Introduction...a journey, back and forth in Time, a funfairgroundride through the EarthCentre theme park, of the future, and passing, and present-time, of the the End of the Universe.
A journey through myth and human character building, the creation, EarthCentre: The End of the Universe.

Through world mythology astrology and cosmology and earth sciences to the modern times and beyond.

From Universal Giants to SuperHeroes!

Published: M. Stow12 on
ISBN: 9781301386888
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EarthCentre - M. Stow12

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Introduction: in three-parts:

Part One: EarthCentre.

1.1. Departure (the StarShip leaves Earth)

1.2. The-Past Excised.

1.3. Starship: Life-ship.

1.4. The Solar-system and the Inner and Outer Planets.

1.5. The Players of Games.

1.6. The Death of the-Sun.

1.7. Orions’ Arrow and the Afterlife.

1.8. Universal Galactic-Gallant.

Part One: EarthCentre.

1.1. Departure (the StarShip leaves Earth)

Welcome to: The End of the Universe…EarthCentre

Tilted wobbling tipped-averse

With a purposeful irreversible

Temporal turning terse determining mentor

Misty- glazed glacial gazed-over

Seasonal annular circumpolar-sloped

Terraqueous medium-sized planet.

Rivering risen remaining riven granite-grey gritstone gravel

Sepia-beached streaming steamed

Coastal chalky dirt brown seas chlorine bleached

With escape velocity reached

Disquieting Orbital-imaging

Sunblind slatted window seated slotted slated cinematic-soaring searching…

In awe as in a wave delighting

As receding screed ceded screened photo-opportunistic picture-postcard faintly faded

Briefly glimpsed beyond riverboard Harbouring Town

Seaboard City slurrying industrial-yard and housing-estate seen through.

Aurora constructing and constricting rainbow-arched

Arced the celestial-shoreline burgeoned booming thudded thundering

Anvil bell-clapper clapped clanking

Following hot-convection current flanked tapered tapering

Diffuse-spectra stacked firestorm conflagration.

Breasting bulbous circumnavigating river and ocean-seaway

Road and railway burned buckled buried and washed-away.

Airways dashed to the ground.

Circumventing discharging tailing remains above and below

Overflying humble hamlet and village-farm gated guarded Palace-palisade

Imprisoning barricade cable-linking office-block collegiate hospital

School and hotel-courtyard theatre-hall

Showground funfair arcade and shopping-mall

All overgrown abandoned and long-forsaken.

Forsaking soaking leaden-laden cloudburst trailing

Foreboding seismic shockwave shook

Striking hailstone culminate hooked

Monsoonal quake-shaking slippery slid.

Fault-line rifting Continental-drifting

Sandstone sedimentary shifting sifting-out...

Showing showering glowing incandescent

Converse coalescent overwhelming stellar subducted-basilar substration

Burst pebblestone chain-islanded welling swelling reverse-wave.

Undulating unsuspecting rolling valley hillside loco-moted

Crenellate-causeway steeped peaked and troughed

Vaporously-volcanic laval spouting coiling broiling boiling

Eruption surging crashing salt-rock seas

Super-heating the pouting spewing skies kilo-metres high…

Peninsular pouring spouting archipelago

The stage-plate no sooner risen as below bellowing wounded winded sweeping broadly-inland.

Steeped terraced topped toppling steeple stalking walking upright raised terrible-tree

Uprooted sprung as Autumnal leaving as over a blind wall quailing

As quagmire plumage inexorably mud-sliding

Tidal-dredging within a single-phototropic sunlight solar-burst!

Capital capturing radial-rounding

Outward pitched now toward the fixed-facing lunar

Leering-over as coming in to land.


Shielding shattering floated boated haltingly pinafore-nightmare.

Feathery bower fanged pouched pigment pinkish and brown adjusting adjutant

Draconical seductively unveiling Cygnet-grey as a shadow occultation

Transiting then swanning grown-loving loathing.

Held calendrical convergent re-colliding crash-landed

As with a Sun-baked blistering roar!

The illuminating scribe as with the quarter-sized sidereal distanced

Irresistibly and with a heat-force inflaming raised Great Lunar Impact.

EarthCentric exo-planetary as of the Underworld a re-inflaming now

The hunting gun haunting nightly as specific Pacific spelled-out charmed

Charming magnetic-polar melt depleted meted meant blent

Into so-many rockbound unpackaged.

Beneath The Universal Skull opposital outpourings around the equatororial-belt

Whole-Oceanic now rushing-by whole-Earthed Atlantic promontory

Each of us as now outcast glanced-off crumbling-inundation

Absolving dirty dust-grey sooty particulate precipitate.

As headed-away from the Once EarthCentre devastatingly desolate

Barren dried-up re-deserted dread Wasteland veined as a glass-eye dried-out.

The Once-Planets’ skein-thin skin pierced

Each window-overviewing remaining sunken puddling-pool drained

Whispering wispy demons whipped past fled grasping and We:

As dice thrown bone dry-evacuate withering slimy grimy hands shaking...

Glittering lustrous nickel-encrusted malodorous gloved-slaking.

Asking crystalline cast-out behoven iron-grey coved.

Silica-star-gazed throughout Hadean! Internal infernal pathetic malevolence!

Peeling-back golden appleine ore de-cored

With each last remaining part: We! The Living departed.

Each reluctant yet intentional last-part

With no-chance of return as of nothing to return to

With each EarthCentre planetary-part piecemeal taken

The present taxied extirpating limestone-fossil chalked-up:

Re-fashioning as of freshwater and salt wave rib-bone caged

Filleted marrow bloodied soft-tissue seared shearing-off fat-fleshed.

Each of us as meteoric metallic-grey carbon chondrite contrite

Halogenic consummate rendering textural bit-map.

Tendered image unit-pixelate rending mended rent

Booming resolution bending ending

Factorial pictorial-resolving resounding...

With the Suns’ rays taken-off pips squeaked.

Boom-armed and legged flailing squealing sonation.

Muddied spluttered sputtering delicate desiccate dissipate

Sand-blasted blown watery-entrapped unknowing-the-way.

Damp rank painted fired clay ascerbic vitriolic flexed pliable-plexus

Played as in the ferment unfixed

Each of us with a throated breath and yells’ frozen as of the all-encompassing onslaught.

As a cloud-ladder stepped-up as over a street-scene below:

Fine-filtering welcoming warming ribbon-larder

Electric-eel and edible-egg fondly-differing

Giggling silly-apple hated even-then when it juicy-pigeon

Kept-cawing clawing rhythmic funny-fashion

Hammering oddly-owling singing school-lesson oily pen-happy

Carrying urging sheep up the road.

Within this thin fat-telling very savvy wet yes

Yet visioning voiding blizzard-zoo

Ice-loch locked keyed-open a good white wine-pouring pronouncement: divergent-diversion Vacating-vacation.

1.2. The-Past Excised.

Glistening pure-Sunlight beaming Heavens’ gleaning

A back-tracking trajectory within the-radiant

Each-of-us at a time held-uniquely redemption seeking absolution

In pointful continuation exiting the devastating perdition below:

Obliquely and instinctively turned-away.

Behind us now Earthly tainted-extinction hinted as-seen and heard

Cluttering crowded shaded-out felt clattering away-from the un-Earthly emptiness

Mediating-warmly the intervening cold-vacuity of-Space.

Almost-inert as we had come to know.

Alerted as to The End of Days You and- me and The-End of-Life on-Earth.

From Earth with We apparently the last to leave

Leaving the once welcoming the Once sheltering blue- now grey sky

Protecting photo-magnetic magenta magnificent.

Overwhelmingly generational ionspherical Planetary-lunar Zone


Those who saw deep-surface built germinal-dust viral-clustering:

Capturing culturing phylogenic protozoic

Archean algic-chloroplastid fungal-fern and plantlife tree-flowering insect.

Gill-winged primordial fish-landed monstrous walked and crawled and climbed.

In the Blue-Flame projected flew as once to feed perhaps to-seed.

Perhaps another to inculcate perhaps another to incarnate.

Perhaps another to retrieve as a-thought perhaps a memory to spark.

Now every known living thing fore-shadowed.

Every animal-form that once was and that survived to tell the story

Within this intimation of mortality having once been forever-being

With those who leave and that which is left behind.


Each Planetary and Lunar-part now glancing-back.

Skeletal EarthCentres' waistbanded gaping gasping de-postulating de-articulating:

The Universal Skull the all-consuming Universal-Space beyond.

The Orbital Realm: