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Until There is Faith

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Faith is a young single African-American mother and social worker, raised in the foster care system. As a single mom, Faith is resolved to go it alone, until an unlikely suitor enters her life. Faith struggles to grasp her mind, heart and spirit around what God has in store exclusively for her. Having just enough to get by, she is hardly ready for the journey. It is not until her redemptive qualities triumph and she tackles the underlying issues of acceptance and worthiness that a real understanding of faith prevails.

Gabriel Isaiah Thomas III appears to have everything going for him, except his relationship with his father—The Bishop. Gabe believes his sole next move after returning from his missionary work is to start his own church, but God has other plans. Gabe immediately has a piercing electric connection to Faith from the moment they meet. Although she doesn’t appear to be a suitable First Lady, Gabe must convince her otherwise and both must determine if they have enough FAITH to endure the insurmountable obstacles ahead.

Although Gabriel and Faith are purposed for each other, it is not until they are ready to surrender all and walk into their co-mingled destiny that they really understand the meaning of faith.

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