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I am Hope

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Hope appears to be the ultimate perfect woman: she's beautiful, is incredibly intelligent, and seems to have no limitations. But Hope has one fatal flaw... she is not completely human. Hope is the 19241th Hope clone created from the genes of a deceased woman named Sarah Keefe. These Hope models are capable of anything and are expected to do whatever it takes to complete whatever mission they are given. But Hope 19241 is not like the other emotionless, compliant clones, and her creator, Conner Keefe, senses it immediately. Hope doesn't think mechanically like the others, which may cause problems when her mind glitches between the day she was initially programmed, and seven months later when she cannot remember anything since her initial meeting with Conner. Will Hope continue her mission to make the future senator Jesse Oliver, fall in love with her so her bosses can infiltrate the government, or will she find that her newly emotional self-awareness will get in her way?

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