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A. Eric Berne---the best of Games People Play.B. Fritz Perls---out of your head, into the NOW.C. Skinner & Pavlov---you are being controlled.D. How to create useful idiots---and avoid becoming one.E. Sigmund Freud---the unconscious & the fertile void.F, The Creation and Destruction of Reality.G. You are the Primary Reality.Do the chapters in order if that is your style. Or use the Zen approach. Quickly glance through the chapters and choose the one that most attracts you.Consider writing down your experiences in a journal. That adds an important dimension, and later reading what you wrote adds a second. The experiences of other people are often included, which adds a third.The chapters can be done alone or in a group. If you have the opportunity, try both settings and notice the differences.A serious warning! Don’t push yourself to do something that doesn’t feel “right”. Move on, and perhaps come back later.
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