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Legend of the Tooth Fairy

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The secrets of why the tooth fairy comes for children’s teeth were long forgotten. That is, until an adventurous young boy named Garth decided he wanted to become friends with a dragon. His innocence gets him into a lot of trouble. Little did he know, he would revive the ancient dragon wars, upset the long friendships between fairies, dragons and humans, and end up learning how to be a magician. With the help of his friends, Garth becomes the unexpected hero by turning back the evil Pyorrhoea Pete the Pirate and his hoard of Drooling Gummies.

Bruce Kilby - Born in Woodstock, Ontario Canada was formally educated in England, returning to the West coast of British Columbia in 1966. He now resides in Langley, B.C. A long time songwriter and short story author, Bruce’s wrote his first children’s novel, The Legend of the Tooth Fairy with Ken Johnson. Look out for his next book, The Witch of Weasel Warren coming soon.

Ken Johnson - Ken Johnson was born in Vancouver, B.C. in 1951, he now resides in Cloverdale, B.C. Ken discovered a passion for songwriting in 1962 and continues today with his creative gift as a singer-songwriter. The Legend of the Tooth Fairy is Ken’s first attempt of taking a step beyond the comfort zone of songwriting. This story originally was to be co-packaged with a product Ken developed, The Tooth Fairy’s Tooth! For many years, Ken has co-written songs with Bruce Kilby. Ken knew that Bruce was gifted with a great imagination and when asked, Bruce agreed to partner in this endeavor.

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