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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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From time to time it’s entertaining to watch others squirm in hot water. The mean streak in us loves stories of woe – especially when it involves someone else. Sometimes, we are the blundering idiots with a tale of despair for others to be pleased about. Either way, the good deeds that don’t go unpunished make such juicy stories!

Readers seemed delighted with the sagas I included in my last book, How I Lost A Million Dollars Twice. I hadn't thought about those tales being of the "no good deeds" flavor especially, but they did have a certain twist. And now it appears that the anecdotes about the blown Cadillac coup, cops, inheritances gone AWOL, a neighbor's psycho yappy dogs, out of control credit cards, and a singing pink piggy that bit the dust - well, they really hit a nerve.

So, here you go, dear enthusiasts. I'm giving you what you asked for: your favorite chronicles from How I Lost A Million Dollars Twice, and a plentiful addition of new laugh out loud tales of woe. Let's get started. And just so you know, the accounts in this book are based on actual events, which up the snicker factor considerably more than if I was just blowing smoke in your face. All names have been changed to protect both the innocent and fools alike. Cheers.

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