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Nine Princesses: Tales of Love and Romance

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Nine Renaissance maidens overcome obstacles to happiness and love in this book of short tales. (76,600 words)
Reviewer comments:
"Nine Princesses: Tales of Love and Romance is an unexpected pleasure. In a world where we are bludgeoned with hormonal excess, brief infatuation and instant lust disguised as romance it is refreshing to delve into the world of courtly love. The author uses the manners of that time to reveal the subtleties of human interaction that make real relationships work." -- L.A. Parker
"These stories bear the author's distinctive voice, told in archaic prose that remains true and consistent throughout. Each tale offers psychological insight, gentle humor, and interesting surprise twists in the relationships between the characters. The writing is imaginative, with unusual metaphor, lovely descriptive passages and foreshadowing." -- V.S. Kemanis
"Nine Princesses: Tales of Love and Romance by Sheela Word brought back to life a time long gone. In each story, a princess has an impediment blocking her path to happiness. How each one overcomes their obstacle makes for some entertaining reading." -- Self-Publishing Review

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