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The son of Tim Ryan, the main character in the story of EXTRACTION is on a surfing vacation in Costa Rica when he and his buddy witness the attemped murder of a US DEA agent. The following capture of the boys and their treatment by the cartel brings Billy's Dad Tim Ryan into the picture. Assembling his veteran pals from a few years back when they found and removed a treasure from Laos and brought it home, Tim comes to Costa Rica to rescue his son and friend. The cartel moves the adventureous boys to Venezuela and makes them work in their drug processing facility. Here, they meet Fritz von Schlegel, a WW2 German submarine captain who deserted the Reich along with his U-615 U-Boat and crew.The escape and evasion following is filled with humerous incidents by the two young surfers and gets more interesting when his Dad and pals assault the cartel's compound and take a few prisioners themselves in reciprocity.

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