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In the mind’s eye of the author a fairly large settlement exists at the North Pole. There Santa and his elves live, work and spend each year preparing the sleigh full of wonderful things for boys and girls the world around to find under their Christmas tree each year. The centerpiece is Santa’s workshop. It is fitted out with workbenches and tools for the skillful elves to use as they form their creations. Some of the elves are married and live in individual houses on the various residential streets. Most of the single elves live in dormitory rooms above the workshop.
There are many other buildings similar to those you might find in any village around the world. There are grocery stores, service stations, clothing stores, a haberdashery, a bakery, a fire station and so on. Santa and Matilda Clause live not far from the workshop in a house attached to a large barn where the reindeer live.
It is a large and thriving village populated with a variety of “little people,” Gnomes, Leprechauns, dwarfs, trolls, elves and so on. Across the square from Santa’s workshop is the TDW, an acronym for the Transportation Division Workshop, where all sorts of wheeled conveyances are constructed. With its large warehouse type doors it is the launching point for the numerous parades staged for the most trivial of occasions. Such units as the Dwarf Marching Band, resplendent in bright colored uniforms, and the Marinette Twirlers, also wearing vividly colorful outfits, spill out through those doors to the applause of the other villagers.
It is the site of great energy, all pointing to the most important night of the year, Christmas Eve. So give your imagination free reign and you will find these stories fascinating, and entertaining.
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