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A witty, yet stirring firsthand account of dealing with the daily difficulties of Tourette's Syndrome—a neurological disorder characterized by physical and verbal tics—Jess Thom shares a year of her life, detailing the entire spectrum of her experiences. From arm and leg tics that can occasionally be life-threatening to uncontrollable verbal outbursts—she says the word “biscuit” an average of 16 times per minute—Jess manages with the support of a close network of friends and family, as well as encountering strangers who can be unpredictably helpful and harmful. At once funny and shocking, tender and moving, this memoir provides a courageous and optimistic voice in the face of the major challenges, leaving readers with an inspiring message of resilience.

Published: Souvenir Press an imprint of Independent Publishers Group on
ISBN: 9780285641280
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