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God! Does He Exist?
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This book is meant for the serious seeker of ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE, the one who wants to know for sure whether there is GOD, and WHO IS GOD?!
Everyone on this earth is born with an inbuilt set of aspirations and desires, irrespective of gender, race, religion or even specie!
What is it that drives all creatures to continue ‘living’ with some kind of ‘purpose’ from the time of birth till the very last day of his last breath? What is the primary driving force for all? And, why? What can we, as human beings, DO with this piece of information? What is the purpose of life on earth? Is there a specific purpose for human beings? What IS religion? Is there GOD? What does GOD want from us? Where is the proof to verify these statements?
The answer to these questions opens up a whole new set of intriguing questions. The best of modern scientists and philosophers and religionists and atheists put together are still unable to provide an answer that will satisfy at least 50 percent of believers of religion, and also satisfy at least 10 percent of atheists, scientists and agnostics!
I will not go into what scientists, atheists, philosophers, agnostics or even people who identify themselves with any particular religion, say, think or do! You can find that kind of information in their respective books, papers, articles, discussions, debates and enlightened interpretations of religious scriptures!
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