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Important Disclaimer

This course is mainly for your reference and educational purposes and although some herbs can be used for certain ailments, this manual is not meant to sway or discourage you from listening to your health care provider. It is very important that you follow your health care provider’s instructions. We do not advise you to self-diagnose or self-medicate, and you should probably ask your doctor about some of the herbs you would like to try, as some herbs can interact with some medications you may be taking. We advise you, if you have any continuing symptoms to definitely seek the medical advice of your doctor. We are not claiming that any of the herbs mentioned will cure you from any disease or ailment, but we believe they can help you heal. Also some herbs whether taken internally or externally can cause allergic reactions in some people and should be used with caution if you have a history of allergies, or being allergic to some plants. If you know you are allergic to certain plants you can look up their scientific names to see if they are in the same family as some of the herbs mentioned.

I have seen herbs do wondrous things for people. I myself take my herbal tinctures when I feel that I am getting a cold. Sometimes the cold doesn’t even fully come, or if it does it takes half the time to get over it. I once had strep throat, had no health insurance, took my tincture for a week, and the symptoms went away. My throat didn’t hurt as bad and I got over it. It took a little longer as if you were on antibiotics but it got me through. I do not suggest you try this unless you feel absolutely comfortable with it. In some cases strep throat can make you very ill and seeing a doctor is necessary (insurance or no).

Welcome to the beginning of your journey for using medicinal herbs! Learning about herbs is not just a couple month feat, it takes several year and more. I personally as of the year 2007 have been studying herbs for 12 years. I am still learning more and more about herbs every single day. Plus as I make my remedies I come up with new and exciting recipes for medicine and cosmetics. I think it is wonderful that you want to learn about herbs and incorporate them into your life. Whether this is for a hobby or a future business I am confident you will enjoy the journey of learning and making new remedies.

This book was written with the intention of using it for a learning class that I taught online and here in my home town. You will be seeing references to the subject often in this book. If this is not a course book for you, then you can ignore the references to the course assignments or emailing them to me. Although you may enjoy writing up your own assignments for your reference.

Adding Herbs to Your Life

If you have never used herbs medicinally, adding them to your life is actually a life changing event. For one, you have to learn which herbs are good for you and which to stay away from, (this can take years and years to learn them all). You would also have to decide whether you want to use the herbs or use conventional medicine, and when it is appropriate to seek medical advice. Another issue would be stocking up on the remedies you would need when the time came to take them. It is not as difficult as it may sound but to add herbs to your life can be a great experience, but a long process to learn. The major thing to remember is that everything takes time and to be patient, you will get the hang of it.

The most time you will spend when integrating herbs into your life is learning about each individual herb. It takes time to read about them and to apply what you have learned about them into your everyday life. My suggestion is to pick a few herbs at a time that you would like to work with and learn about them until you feel comfortable explaining them to someone. I my self-started out with five different herbs and studied them for over a year before moving on to others. I am not saying you need to do this but if you feel more comfortable then all power to you. So I know it takes time to memorize each aspect of each herb but don’t get discouraged, once you get the hang of it remembering the information comes fast and easy.

Another great learning tool I have first-hand experience with is to teach others. If you can find someone willing to learn about a certain herb you are studying that would be wonderful. Once you start explaining something to someone else you have to remember the material you want to present, thus you have learned that certain subject faster than you would have. This works for many people but I understand that it doesn’t work for everyone. This is only a suggestion.

When you have the choice of synthetic drugs or herbs it is great choice to be able to make. Herbs are healthier for your body and are of natural substances. Remember though, when your doctor prescribes you medication you should either take it or have a serious talk with him if you do not want to take it. You should talk with your doctor about all of the options you have and what the side effects would be if you did or didn’t take the prescription drugs and or the herbs. If your doctor knows anything about herbs he may be able to tell you what the side effects or reactions herbs may have with the prescription drugs if you do decide to take both. As always I recommend you first speak seriously with your doctor prior to changing or adding herbs to your daily regimen.

With that said, there are many things you can take herbs for and you will learn that later in the course, but one that most people benefit from is taking herbs while you have a common cold. You will learn about the herbs to use later. Since there is nothing the doctor will even give you for a common cold because nothing modern will work, just pull out your herbal remedies and you will start feeling better in no time. I myself use my home made remedies to get over my colds every time with great results. As you will find out in this course there are many ways you can use herbs and this course will only cover a fraction of them. So that goes to show how much more is possible to learn.

There is no need to buy every single herb there is or even to buy expensive herbal remedies to feel like you practice holistic health. All you need are a few basic herbs and a way to make things from them. In this manual there are a few basic herbs listed that I believe are easy, and safe to use for most ailments. If you wish you can find several herb books to read with more herb information. You don’t even have to buy them; I suggest you check some out from the library and if you really like the book then buy it.

There are also a lot of books that seem to have the same information in them and the last thing you want are several books that are similar. You can also try going online to find information about certain herbs. Once you become comfortable with these herbs in this manual you will figure out that it is actually easy to select, prepare, and use herbs. All it takes is time and a little patience. Have fun while you learn, it’s