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Macular Degeneration... ...Macular Regeneration

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When asked, the one thing most people would least want to lose is their vision. Macular Degeneration is particularly frustrating, because it affects the central vision, so that whatever you look at is distorted or even disappears in a black hole... While recent announcements in the news have brought hope to millions that stem cell injections deep into the eye have now been observed to stimulate regeneration of the macula, potentially restoring functional vision to those blinded by this common condition, the methods outlined in detail in this book have stimulated this kind of healing as well, without any invasive procedures. Such results have been observed independently by two different Harvard trained retinal specialists following Dr. Swartwout's patients after they chose to pursue accelerated self healing with his guidance rather than the medically recommended laser surgery for wet macular degeneration, considered the worst type of maculopathy. Whether you are looking for guidance and direction for self-healing, or additional tools as a physician or natural healer, to prevent vision loss and even help improve the chance of restoring sight to the blind, this is the book you need. It is a comprehensive overview of nature's many healing angels that have already proven helpful in healing macular disease.

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