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The Shire: Glendalf's Guide to Cultivating Your Future Self

256 pages4 hours


"When your heart is open... When you have done at least some of your homework... You will be excited to read the Words of the Wizard."
- Jana Bogs, Ph.D., author of Beyond Organic: Growing for Maximum Nutrition

Dr. Glen Swartwout brings Glendalf's healing wizardry to life assisting visitors and newcomers to The Shire, and other inhabitants of Middle-earth, whether they are planning a trip to his community, The Shire, in Pahoa, Hawaii, in body or just in spirit. This book serves as a guide to the remarkable energies of a land that is literally at the heart chakra of the planet, located near 19.47 degrees latitude on the slopes of Earth's largest and most active volcano. Based on decades of practice as a healing artist, and couched quaintly in terms of the Elven understanding of the world, this book is actually a manual for accelerated self healing, spiritual growth, and reconstruction of a culture of life. Extensive sections introduce the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China also knows its-elf as the middle country) as they play out in the landscape of Hawaii's East Rift Zone. Allies are introduced from the plant and mineral kingdoms, but from a fresh perspective that will broaden the horizons of every reader. This book really is a journey to Middle-earth... and back again! But now I really must put my pen aside, or risk missing elevensies!

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