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Lessons in Sustainable Happiness

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As educators strive to transform education from an industrial model of education towards 21st century learning, we are hearing calls for incorporating innovation, creativity, digital literacy, character education, entrepreneurship, and much more. Essentially, we are seeking to repurpose education. What if we embraced a vision of wellbeing for all, sustainably? What if we sought happiness and well-being for all, while respecting the natural environment that sustains us?

Sustainable happiness, - happiness that contributes to individual, community, and global well-being, sustainably - offers an opportunity to explore how to achieve this, for educators and for our students.

Lessons in Sustainable Happiness provides activities for teachers to enhance their own sustainable happiness. These activities are followed with lessons in sustainable happiness for primary, junior and intermediate grades. At a time when teacher wellbeing, student mental health and planetary health need to be addressed, Lessons in Sustainable Happiness offers practical steps for integrating sustainability and wellbeing.

Sustainable happiness takes happiness to a new level.

Sustainable happiness offers an innovative approach that invites reflection on sustainability coupled with opportunities to enhance our quality of life and contribute to individual, community and global wellbeing.

Catherine O'Brien, PhD is an education professor who developed the concept of sustainable happiness and teaches the world's first university course in this groundbreaking field. She is a leading contributor to the development of the online course in sustainable happiness. Her blog, SH-EXTRA provides inspiring examples of bringing sustainable happiness to life.

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