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God's Dancer: A Search for Identity

722 pages10 hours


“Which tune do I dance to?” the little boy asked.
“We all dance to God’s music,” the nun replied.

This is the story of a tenth generation Catholic-American on his mother’s side, a second generation Jewish-American on his father’s side and his Search for Identity. Victor Holland dances to many tunes: Tough Street Kid, High School Failure, Combat Marine, Railroad Conductor, Auctioneer, Businessman, Candidate for a Rabbinical College, Emigrant to Israel, Teacher and High School Principal, City Councilman and Best Selling Author.

God is Victor’s musician, choreographer and partner, leading him through four wars, an intense and complicated love affair, intellectual awakening, religious revitalization and paternal conflict. The last melody leaves Victor and God in hand to hand combat as partners on the Dance Floor of Life.

This novel is written by Dov Silverman, Best-Selling novelist, international literary prize winner and historical researcher. Having written twenty novels Dov uses his experience talents, researched information of personal and formal letters, family diaries, and tape recordings, radio and TV broadcasts spanning half a century of American, Korean and Israeli history to bring you an emotion-filled saga of a man, his wife and their Search For Identity.

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