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That Moment...
That Moment...
That Moment...
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That Moment...

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About this ebook

“That Moment...” written by C.C. Champagne, is a book containing stories based on actual events in my life, as well as that of friends and family. They span over one hundred years extending to present day, and they occur around the world.
With each story, it becomes clear that an explanation for how the events have come about and how they conclude cannot be passed off as being luck, coincidence, or any other generalized terminology we may use. It makes no difference what your culture, religion, or beliefs are. It doesn’t matter what you call it. You can’t help but feel, and think there was something else involved in guiding the situation for a reason. Some may call it chance, karma, or they may shrug their shoulders and think, “That was weird!” On the other hand, most would call it God, Angels, or a Guide. The point is not really what you label it, but more that you recognize that a higher power was involved in the outcome of what you experienced. Life is a blessing, and each one of us is a unique individual whose path through life is guided. It is our decision as to what we do in that moment, which then determines how the events play out. This is not a book that will tell you what you should do, or how you should act and feel. It is just a few individuals who made a conscience decision, be it planned or not, to get involved. They realize later that the choices they made at that moment altered the events in a profoundly positive way. They impacted the lives of those around them, and they knew they had been guided there for a reason.

Release dateMay 9, 2011
That Moment...
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C.C. Champagne

Beware of Troll Reviews by TiraGP Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings to all. Now through to Dec 31st 2018 Midnight THAT MOMENT is FREE THAT MOMENT... Is now available in PRINT Go to www.ccchampagne.com to order your signed copy/copies. Also on my website under the SHOP tab, are direct links to order my book from Amazon.com & Smashwords.com . Media: APRIL 11TH 2017 8:00 PM EST CC Champagne WILL BE LIVE ON “PORTALS THROUGH THE AGES” WITH HOSTS Jim Heater & Amelia Pisano ~ Listen / interact with this show! www.paranormalking.com www.zenolive.com/paranormal-king-radio-network call to listen 605-477- 4776 press 5 to speak chat www.paranormal.olicentral.com Tune your radio's in or listen online Thursday March 10th 2016 8 AM - 9 AM I am a guest on The Loretta Brown Show talking about THAT MOMENT... 1150 AM KKNW Alternatve Talk Radio http://1150kknw.com/show/the-lorett... One of the stories within THAT MOMENT... 'A Presence in Mexico' can also be read within the chapters of "Chiari Warriors' Found at lulu.com UK & Amazon.com UK . 18 authors chosen from around the world to add their work to this book. All proceeds going to raise awareness to Chiari Malformation.research Related interviews on 'THAT MOMENT" *May 27th interview: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/breadwinningmoms/2015/05/27/its-chloes-book-champagne-day-with-authors-sonia-booker-and-c-c-champagne *If you missed my interview with famed retired Detective Bobby Brown & Medium Amelia Pisano on #Bail And Beyond you can listen to it here. http://tobtr.com/s/7553871 *Check out interview at http://www.breadwinningmomswithchloe.com/news/chloes-wednesdays-woman-featuring-c-c-champagne/ with #Chloe' Taylor Brown, blessed to have been chosen as 1st #WednesdaysWoman . THAT MOMENT read by 36,000 + readers via Ebook & print world wide. Each non fiction story is totally different from the next, and yet they all have a common thread. Whether you believe it or not, there's a reason for everything. We sometimes cannot understand why, but in most situations when you look at the path taken, you may understand why things happen the way they do. Have you ever found yourself in the right place at the right time, then thought it was just luck...Think again!. You are guided into situations for a reason, and in that moment, You made a decision or a choice which in some way changed the path you were on and possibly that of others. C.C. Champagne is also featured on Australian author of Pulchritudinous series; Linda Arditto's website @ www.lindaarditto.com C.C. Champagne lives in Vancouver, British Columbia

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