Winning the Lotto of over 650 million brought a great change in the lives of Huey and Bobbie Parkman as they were adopting four orphans left homeless from the attack upon Earth by the Permits as Earth was becoming a new member within the Novo Nation of Water Worlds. Earth by now was beginning to recover from the attack and had just begun reaping the benefits of being a member of the Novo Nation as merchants from around the Universe begun arriving upon Earth. After much ado, the Parkman’s buy a Robot Operated Space Ship and also use their winnings to help establish a shuttle surface for Earthlings to visit other planets and stay if they wanted too. Eventually they left Earth and traveled to one of the near Solar Systems where Huey and Bobbie was taken captive by the local Lion King. Their adventure really begins as they and the children interact with the locals as they try to escape the predicament they found themselves in.
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ISBN: 9781493182299
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