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Just Cause Wrong Target

407 pages6 hours


In this second book of the series, TA has re-visited the Philippines to discover what happened to his co-guests at the holiday resort of Apuao Grande after the political uprising. After finally reconnecting with the mysterious ex-pat former resident of Apuao Grande, he journeys south to visit other resorts. A wealthy local resident of Japanese descent, with multi-national businesses, befriends him and offers his business connections and transport for TA to use. Unknown to TA, the businessman is the target of a revenge kidnapping and ransom. The kidnappers unknowingly snatch the wrong man. The businessman uses the distraction to track down gold deposits confiscated and buried by his grandfather, a colonel in the Japanese Army occupying the Philippines in WW2. No officials know that TA is missing, but his mysterious ex-pat friend suspects something is wrong and sets out to find TA.

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