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Trinidad is my boss. I am blessed to have such a wonderful person to look up to. She is intelligent, open minded, humble and easy to talk to. The entire staff loves her. If I should find a fault in Trini, I would have to say that she is sometimes too lenient with us. Now-a-days, that is a positive. She understands the stress that we go through as healthcare workers. She makes time for me and for every one of my peers, just so that she can guide us to the best of her abilities. Thank you for her Lord.

She is with child currently and sometimes she does not feel well. However, she still shows up at work. And when she is not there, the team members can always reach her by telephone. Yes, she is truly a dedicated one.

She will be welcoming her daughter into the world very soon. I watched her, glowing and smiling at the baby shower that our team held for her a few days ago. She seems truly happy. It is great, it really is. I am totally happy for her.

I really cannot list here all that is good about Trini. I would be writing pages in order to do so. I have seen her as she gives others many chances, even when they do not deserve it. I have also seen her openly, and willingly, giving her time to individuals as she encourages their ability to learn and grow. This is long after others have totally written them off as hopeless. Little by little, these so- called-hopeless individuals began to shine under Trini’s time and care. Please bless her Father.

Trini is not a stranger to illness. She has overcome a grave ordeal in the past. She has battled breast cancer and came out on the winning side. One would not know this as she appears to have always been in good health. She really tries to take care of herself. She also has a son, who has a disability. She is truly tender and patient with him.

Being pregnant, caring for her family and staying healthy is Trini’s main goal.

Lord, you have a wonderful daughter in her. I ask that you keep her safe, healthy and strong. Take care of her goings and her comings. Let her know that you are there with her every step of the way, so worries should never cross her mind. Please bless her family and give her even more joy when the baby arrives. Seek out her heart’s desires and deliver her wishes in your time.

This I pray in your name, Jesus.



Rose! Rose! Rose!

Lord, please help Rose.

I met Rose over 20 years ago. This is a woman who has worked hard for everything that she has. She is fun loving and a good mother. One of her most admirable trait is that she is a giver. She gives and gives and gives. Sometimes it seems as if she gives away far more than she keeps for herself, Father. And the truth is that she does not have much to begin with.

Since I have known her, all she seeks is a meaningful relationship with a lifelong partner. She has had long term relationships before. However, they were not successful. Now she struggles with a loss of confidence. I have been encouraging her, but my encouragement has only gone so far. This is where you come in Lord. I need you to meet Rose where she is at, and grant her that which her heart desires. Do this for her so that she can walk through the rest of her life, not with the void that she feels, but with happiness and fulfillment.

I love her and I know that you love her even more so. That is why I pray for her desires to come true. Only you can grant her wishes perfectly. My heart tells me that you will, and I trust you.

In your name, I pray for her.



Arianna is a flower. Lord, I am asking you to give her a long life. Give her a life with great health, wealth, and laughter. I want her to have a caring husband, a fulfilling marriage, and healthy, happy children. I want and need you to be first in her heart at all times. She wants to be a psychiatrist. She is a very intelligent young lady, so that is indeed an attainable goal for her. Whatever road she takes, Dear Lord, as long as you are leading her way, it is alright with me. All this, I ask of you, for her, Jesus. In your name always I pray.



Lord, please bestow your blessings upon Naomi. She is a pain sometimes, but mostly in a harmless way. And that is a blessing for me, so I thank you. She is one of my best friends.

Naomi, as I am, is a healthcare worker. Her dedication towards her vocation is amazing. This I know for sure as we have worked together for a few years a while back. She takes great pride in caring for her patients. When she is tired, one would never know, as Naomi just keeps on going to get everything done.

Her spirit is a jovial and happy one, even when life is not so good. Of her many qualities, this attribute is high on my admiration list.

She became a newlywed recently. I am truly happy for her. You have blessed her with a wonderful partner, as Ken exercises his main priority, which is keeping a smile on Naomi’s face. They both do this for each other. It is a delight to see.

Naomi is a wonderful mother as well. She does a great job in raising her children. She cooks, cleans, and comforts them, all the while complaining to me about their different traits as mothers lovingly do.

I truly love who she is as a person, and I want the best for her. That is why I am asking you, Father, to keep her close to you at all times. Keep her safe and happy. Bless her marriage and her family for all the days of her life. In your name I pray Jesus.



For every single child out there in this world right now, who is being treated poorly, I pray that God will take care of you. I pray that God will take care of the ones who are hungry, the homeless, children on the street or those in a shelter, the ones who are ill and those who are in captivity.

May you touch them Father, the way that only you can. Give them strength and hope, like never before. Show them your Grace as you make a better tomorrow for them all.

Love them deeply.

This I ask in your name Jesus.



This poor little girl is a very sick child. I fear that death is imminent. I just got done suctioning her. This is difficult to go through, even for me, a nurse who sees illness every day. It is excruciatingly painful to see how much her parents are suffering. This is all very sad indeed. It is inevitable at this point, so all I’m asking you for Lord is to make her transition as gentle as possible. I’m doing all that I can. I know that that does not compare with what you can do, because you are God. Please bless this child and her parents Father. Give them the strength to endure, as well as to carry on after you have taken Kaya home. In your precious name, I pray.



Father, Lillian needs a