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Angels and Dragons, Volume I: Urn of Ariel

Length: 44 pages32 minutes


Somewhere at the edge of the world, they've been sleeping for thousands of years. Frozen in a cramped prison along the cold water coast of Africa in what the others have come to know as Hell's Cove, an underwater cave forsaken by time and carefully watched night and day. You know them as dragons, but the others call them Belamir — creatures they put to sleep for the primary purpose of gestating humankind, and creatures that should never be allowed to see the light of day for the sole purpose of preserving this little haven in the universe the way the seraphs know it. Yet, despite all the celestial gimmickry and cross-dimensional malignancy, they have awoken. And intend to set right where they have been wronged. To take back what was by original design—with dragons on top and every other existent in their shadow. More so, the common knowledge that humans and their civilization will be first on that list

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