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Psyche Honor

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“Silence filled the room, thick and palpable. No Elder Meeting had ever been this divided. Conflict had always existed towards something or someone else, and they came together to resolve it together. They’d disagreed many times, but they’d never been divided.” Until Sadie.

Sadie loathes being a Mage with the ability to read any thought, change a memory, or control others with her mind. Years ago she vowed to never use coercive magepower again. She broke the promise to save her girlfriend’s life and discovered her heritage as well as Billie’s.

Billie never dreamed she’d discover her mate is a Mage. After centuries of conflict, none could remember even a simple friendship between the races. As Beta, Billie’s obligation to her pack is clear except where Sadie is concerned. Few Wolves will look beyond her mate’s race and their relationship threatens to come between her and her pack.

Sadie would like nothing more than a normal life with her girlfriend, but normal doesn’t exist for a Wolf and a Mage. An ancient Wolf asks Sadie to stop a Mage assault on Billie’s pack. To protect those she loves, Sadie must break her promise and jeopardize everything. She could lose Billie, the few friendships she’s gained in the pack, and the Alpha’s protection.

For the first time in her life, she’ll meet others like her.

This book contains descriptions of lesbian sex. If you're under 18 years old or you object for any reason, then this isn't the book for you. Otherwise, enjoy!

“The best lesbian-themed/lesbian written series I have read in a long time. Well written, well plotted. Her care with the characters' feelings and setting of the scenery took me back to lesbian author greats suck as Katherine V Forrest and Karin Kallmaker. The fact that it is also a fast-paced paranormal/sci fi theme is icing on the cake!” J. Sabla

“Psyche honor is one of the most well written novels about other worldly creature that I have read.” Shelly,

“Great action, lots of drama and a wonderfull romance at the heart.” Critty Cal,

“Chrissie Buhr hit a home run with this unique series.” Customer

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