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The Wild and Wonderful Animals of Australia

Length: 53 pages13 minutes


Here is a fantastic children's book by Dee Phillips. “The Wild and Wonderful Animals of Australia” is a marvel filled with brilliant color pictures of 25 unique and different animals found in Australia. The beautiful photographs look fantastic on Kindles, IPad’s, PC’s and other tablet devices.

Each of the 25 animals represented is visualized by a wonderfully vivid picture, and the short blocks of text provides interesting facts about the animal. The text is easy to understand with harder terms explained for young readers. This ebook is the perfect learning tool for children of all ages, and can be used as background information for school projects.

If you child is fascinated by unique animals like the Kangaroo, the Wallaby or the Platypus this book is definitely for them. Set at a low introductory price, “The Wild and Wonderful Animals of Australia” is currently available to conveniently downloaded in a matter of moments so that your child can start enjoying the wonders of the animal world immediately.

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