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弥勒-阿弥陀佛已经降世了 Buddha Maitrya-Amitabha Has Appeared

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This book is not just another thesis on Buddhism. Rather, it is an invitation to people everywhere, especially people of religion, and particularly our Buddhist brethren, to accompany the author in quest of that greatest of all phenomena – the advent of the Buddha Avatar – the Divine Manifestation, Whose rare periodic appearance has been the only source of spiritual upliftment throughout humanity’s long and chequered history and for whose recurrence we stand once more in such dire need in this travailing age. Mr Fozdar conclusively proves from the great wealth of Buddhist prophecies that this momentous event which will usher in a new golden age has already occurred and that it is identical to the Return of their own Redeemer awaited by Hindus, Jews, Zoroastrians, Christians and Muhammadans.

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