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Plum in Peril

Length: 218 pages2 hours


Harry Plum’s life is a misery. At home he’s ruled by his wife Verity and their daughter Sam who are both infatuated by Bast, Sam’s heavily hair sprayed self-adoring boyfriend.
At work it’s no different, as Mr Winder, his boss at West Worthly Council holds a grudge against him from years ago when Harry subbed him in a football match.
He’s downtrodden and life is a slog. Things just aren’t what they used to be and his only solace is his wood carvings.
Then, after collapsing in his front garden after a jog with some work colleagues he pulls an old carrier bag from under his hedge stuffed full of what he thinks are flyers. They aren’t flyers though, but money, lots of it.
However, the money was hidden there by two hapless crooks, who need it back as their ambitious career criminal boss Kenny Katz owes it to The Monk, a feared, ruthless and faceless criminal the likes of which Kenny can only dream of aspiring to.
Unaware of the growing chasing party Harry finds passion in northern France as a result of the Carteret Twinning project with the unexpectedly delicious Mathilde Fastignon and her penchant for British comedians.
While he’s away though, and positive that his family are plotting to get rid of him Harry has employed the services of work colleague and former Private Investigator, Brinklow, to oversee the goings on at his house while he practises his delivery of one-liners in sun kissed France.
Brinklow’s observations reveal some very interesting happenings chez Plum that are enough to make him miss his mouth with Doritos and he has to make his own special arrangements to help his boss.
Does Harry escape the wrath of Verity, the crooks and the crook’s crooks, and the police who realise that all signs point to him? What of his newly found appeal to his French fancy, and the money...does his conscience get the better of him? And what of The Monk, the uncompromising and highly imaginative orchestrator of the most gruesome of endings for people who need only ruffle his feathers?
Join Harry Plum, one of life’s sufferers, for a romp that could change his life forever.

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