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Shirley Link & The Hot Comic

Length: 53 pages38 minutes


Emily Neuburger,
"Shirley Link is a new girl detective series that my daughter is crazy about. This is an amazing series, my friends! Your kids will be hooked and you'll feel realllllly good about it."

Edward Hemingway, Author/Illustrator for Bad Apple and Bump in the Night
"This Virginia Mars for the tween-set is funny, smart, and full of preternatural wisdom. A thirteen year old gumshoe with mad crazy perception skills, Shirley Link sets out to solve the mystery of a missing school safe while at the same time juggling jealous best friends, boys, and homework. She does this with aplomb and the occasional, hilarious zinger."

Thor, Iron Man and The Hulk need some help! A perfect edition of The Avengers #1 comic book is about to be stolen by a supremely confident thief. Can the first appearance of the super-team escape his clutches? If Shirley has anything to say about it, you bet. But even with a ton of clues she senses more is going on than a simple heist. Is her new arch-enemy after more than a valuable comic book?

Join Shirley on her newest adventure, and see if you can figure out the twist ending before it happens! Also, be sure to challenge yourself with the riddles at the end of the book.

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