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Who Chases Them? Running...But From What?

Length: 205 pages3 hours


Sarah and Brad’s home was invaded, and Brad ended up in the hospital. Sarah decides they need to move when he gets out. However, while she was at home that evening, a few grizzly people barged into the apartment saying they were going to paint it. Sarah couldn’t understand this and decided they were sent by the people who invaded their home before.

Sarah runs into a couple young girls who end up helping her in her efforts to get Brad. The one girl knew of a place where they could go and be safe, which Sarah thought was a woman’s shelter, but ended up being a brothel. Now they needed to run again. The three girls started making plans.... What about Brad? They head to the hospital...the police get involved....

Taylor Storm is a Minnesota-based author, and admires the works of: Justice Gray, Amanda Hocking, Stephen King, and E L James.

Who Chases Them? Is the fifth of a new series of novels, the Who--? Series—Who Are They? Who Loves Them? Who Loves Her? and Who Am I? The sixth novel in the series is planned to be out soon.

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