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The Case of the Ancient American - William Jenkins

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The Case of the Ancient American


William Jenkins

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Your ESL Story Publishers Ltd.

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Smashwords Edition

Edition 2

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Table of Contents


The Captain

A Detective’s Job

The Thousand Islands Bridge

Mary Calls a Meeting

Going Fishing

Joining the Navy

A Game of Golf

Mysteries of the Sea

A Project for Detectives

Humor Explained

The City of Brockville

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Chapter 1 Introduction

On this fall morning, Thomas Frayne, known as Tommy, walked along James Street in Brockville towards the Winston Churchill Public School (WCPS) where he is in Grade 5.

James Street just east of Ormond

Beside him was his little sister, Terry, who goes to the same school. She is in Grade 2. At the corner of Ormond Street, Richard (Dick) Stockton, also in Grade 5, joined them. Another student, Mary Jane Cashman, came running up.

Wait for me, she called.

Mary, also in Grade 5 at WCPS, is quite smart. The others call her Brains.

Hi Mary, said Terry, who liked to skip along rather than walk to school.

Hi, said Mary. Did you do your homework, Terry?

I don't do homework, said Terry. I'm only in Grade 2.

Dick said, We get too much homework in Grade 5. Lucky you, Terry.

Near the school, a big, older boy called from across the street.

Hurry up! You are going to be late again.

Run! cried Tommy.

Okay, replied Mary as they raced down James Street in Brockville.

Faster, faster ordered Tommy.

But I can’t go any faster, said Mary."

Wait for me! cried Terry, who as a Grade 2 was struggling to keep up with the 5’s.

Why are we running? quizzed Mary.

Because Bobby Miller said we were late for school, explained Tommy.

Bobby Miller? That’s nuts. He was just trying to scare you; you know what a bully he is.

You’re right, agreed Tommy and the children stopped to catch their breath.

Ignore him, said Dick. Bobby Miller was trying to get at us. He really is a pain.

What's his problem? asked Mary. He’s always picking on us.

He acts like a bully but I think he wants to get attention. The other boys in Grade 6 don't like him, said Tommy.

Winston Churchill Public School

At the corner near the school, Tommy told Terry to go ahead and she ran off, looking for friends from her class. Actually, they were not late so rather than go to their classroom, the three stood around a tree and talked about the homework they did last night.

What did you learn about Brockville? asked Tommy.

Mary gave the other