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Let’s begin to Think like Scientists - Rafael Medina

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The world can be understood as a network of systems that interact to give way to our reality. No fact is isolated from the other, the planet earth is the result of interaction between different systems, natural, social, economic, political, biological, astronomical, and the list could continue. Such systems can be studied individually.

Each system consists of elements interlinked together to achieve a goal. The elements can be physical or abstract. But the fundamental characteristic that any system should satisfy is the ability to improve himself under the paradigms in which it operates. Paradigms that are merely arguments and propositions that are considered true and allow the development of the system, self- regulation and its continuous evolution. Evolution consists in improving systems within the paradigms in which it operates.

Systems tend to evolve. Thinking scientifically allows constant review of the paradigms on which such systems evolve. In everyday life, we often use the word paradigm to refer to a model or pattern; these models are the representation