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The Fall of Awesome: A Tale of Super City

Length: 102 pages1 hour


Five years ago everything seemed perfect. The Sinister Seven had finally been forced into the open and defeated, ending the greatest threat Super City and it's premier Super Team and it's greatest Super Hero - Captain Awesome - could bask in their triumph.

But the battle with the Seven had caused changes in the team as well, and the team gained one new secret which could have torn it apart. New team members joined, unaware of what had happened in the past, of the shadow that still lingered over the heroes, and over Awesome himself.

Now a new villain as arrived in Super City. A Super Villain who has taken down all those who had opposed him so far, and who's agenda seems to be nothing more than the destruction of the Super Squad.

Old wounds are reopened, old secrets dug up and exposed, and Captain Awesome is forced to face a choice he made long ago in new light.

The Tales of Super City are a series of Super Hero novels and novellas set in Super City, a world of heroes, villains, and humanity often just trying to stay out of the way.

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