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The Entirely Strange and Miraculously True Christmas Tails of Mia and Eve - Rob Duder

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Chapter 1

Christmas in Rolling Greensides

There was once a small house, a stone cottage, built on a rolling green hillside beside a narrow roadway of dirt and stone. The cottage was home to two sisters named Auntie Lynn and Auntie Rebecca. The two women lived very happily together with their two precious cats named Mia and Eve. The four of them took care of each other and took care of their charming little cottage in Rolling Greensides. The Aunts and Mia and Eve made their living by selling milk from their goat Earl, homemade buttermilk biscuits that were famous throughout the countryside, vegetables and fruit from Auntie Lynn’s garden and bouquets of wildflowers in the spring time. However, spring was short and it would turn to summer, summer would turn to autumn when the leaves were brilliant orange and red and Eve would pounce and roll through the crunchy leaves and giggle. Mia would watch from her warm blanket on the front porch and shake her head. She thought Eve was very silly. Fall would turn to winter and it often got angrily cold in Rolling Greensides. The snow would fall and their little cottage would almost be buried until the following spring.

The Aunts had very nice neighbours and dear friends, farmer Robinson and his sons, who would help the Aunts pile up wood for the cold winter. When the snow would finally come, the Aunts and their girls would huddle in front of the fireplace in the crisp winter evenings. Auntie Rebecca would put a record on their turntable and she would sing along, and Auntie Lynn would knit mittens and scarves for everyone she knew. The thing Mia looked forward to, more than anything else in the winter was when Auntie Rebecca would put on those old records. She would play the loveliest songs from the old country and Auntie Rebecca had a beautiful voice. Mia truly loved those evenings. Unfortunately, before this particular winter, the needle on their old turntable had worn out and Mia could not listen to the records anymore, so instead she would curl up at their feet in front of the fire and rest her old bones. Oh, how Mia missed the music from the records though. Eve would sit happily in front of the fire as well and listen to Auntie Rebecca sing and just enjoy the winter time. Eve was happy in almost any season.