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Musk Oxen!!

Length: 87 pages44 minutes


‘Musk Oxen!!’?! Oh, no, no—it’s all just completely true! (Excepting those bits contrived, exaggerated, adulterated, spurious, or generally skewed in validity... of course.) In the tradition of ‘The Masticator (or: Chew on This for Awhile!)’ and ‘Enigmatatas and Eclecticicities’, Zakharin offers the latest installment in the ongoing (retroactively) Chicken Pot Pie of the Spleen saga. Revisit—or experience for the first time—the indelible wit, abstruse wiles, and esoteric wisdom of Mishka Zakharin in his new collection of short prose and poetry. ‘Musk Oxen!!’ is humorously absurd, darkly disturbing, and unerringly honest (again, except those bits he just plain made up)—why, it may even hold the very key to Existence in the Multiverse itself!... (No promises.)

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