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Not My Husband's Wife

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Angela and Mike Foden are both career civil servants. At 44 years old, Angela still has a great figure and attractive features. She works for the Home Office as a manager in a Policy Unit. Mike is 4 years older and is a Senior Civil Servant for the Department for Education. Married for almost twenty years, their lives have become stagnant over recent months and Angela has noticed how routine they have become as a couple. Routine being something that she hates.

Angela has also noticed that Mike spends more time at work than he does with her. Despite telling Angela that he loves her, Angela is not convinced that he is sincere and starts to question just how much love there is between them, using sexual advances to see how Mike reacts. Failing to respond to these advances causes Angela to question herself and how attractive she still is. As a result, she embarks on a journey to provoke responses from other men. She leaves one young man in a sandwich shop salivating from her actions.

With her renewed confidence and convinced that Mike no longer feels anything towards her, Angela turns to the internet to investigate how easy it is to find casual sex. She starts chatting with Matt, a married man also in a sexless marriage. The more they chat, the more they find they have in common. This leads Angela to agree to meeting Matt, whilst at the same time, craving attention from her husband who continually works late or brings work home.

After meeting Matt for a coffee where her confidence spills over and Matt is left licking his lips after a taste of Angela is forced into his mouth on Angela’s fingers, an agreement is made to meet for sex. Matt books a hotel and they both arrange for the time off work.

The afternoon starts with great sex with Angela declaring she has felt like herself again and not like the woman who is married to her husband. However, after the sex and an early orgasm, Angela is full of guilt and goes home with most of the afternoon remaining. At home, an unintentional phone call from Mike alerts her that he may not have been telling the truth himself. When he arrives home, it becomes clear that they have both had their own indiscretions because of similar feelings towards their marriage. Instead of a blazing row, they settle the situation with intense sex, after which, Mike makes a surprising proposition.

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