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The Shifter

Length: 285 pages5 hours


The Country. Formerly known as Britain, the most powerful nation in the post-apocalyptic world after the Final War and Nuclear ending is the most advanced nation in the world. Split into seven sectors, Sector 1: Mounta; Sector 2: Shepherding; Sector 3: Oaklea; Sector 4: Gulf; Sector 5: Ferna; Sector 6: Seaton; Sector 7: Huntin; its leaders have a harsh and bloodthirsty reputation. It is shown mostly in Sector 5, where strange things have been happening to the young people aged between fourteen and sixteen. A mysterious process known only as the Change affects one in ten of the people of Ferna, and none of the affected are ever seen again. Taken to the secretive building known only as the Centre, they never return to their families again.
Layla is a sixteen year old girl undergoing this terrible ordeal, and her experiences reveal much about the true workings of The Country. She must try to escape the clutches of the Country Leaders in order to regain her freedom. Will she live to tell the tale?
Book 1 of 4.

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