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A Man Called Ty

Length: 233 pages4 hours


A Man Called Ty is history, heroism, and adventure.
The Civil War has ended, but his father has not come home. At his mother's urging, young Ty Terel goes in search for him. When Ty returns, carpetbaggers have killed his mother and sister and taken his land. Ty is no gunfighter, but he is a brave young man; a showdown occurs, and he avenges their death. Ty then must flee into the wild, untamed West. He is chased by a Union major who is determined to bring Ty in and see him hanged.
Ty's journey leads him to Bitter Creek, where he meets two women who are about to lose their ranch to a greedy cattle rustler. Ty must face him as well as the Union major and his wicked gunslinger.

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