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Hayu Tales: Point of Origin

446 pages11 hours


Tales of the Hayu aliens gathered around the campfire to children listening.
"As the Human new year of 2003 was celebrated, the Planet Earth fell in chaos, as ships of all sizes and kinds, invaders came through gates, purple openings in space, opened by the moving of Planet Humania. The ships came firing their weapons of terror, and destruction, mostly firing large rocky asteroids, lasers and all kinds of created weapons exploded in the Planet Earth. The Humans of the Earth began to die, crying in pain with their screams. Antarctica, the icy snow kingdom of eternal winter was hit sinking in the ocean of the Earth as the waters began to rise covering the land. Then the Earth became covered in a cloud of darkness that surrounded the planet. On the Earth, the Humans began to scream out their cries to their Gods, dying on a dying Planet Earth as a land, a Nation called United States of America disappeared in a cloud of white. The invaders attacked the planet, the Humans’ greatest creation the space shuttle, piloted by Humans; sailed into the sky despite the chaos around them reached the heavens of space and floated witnessing history. The invaders left with their ships and disappeared through the gates leaving a giant asteroid, a planet killer traveling towards the Earth. The Humans in the space shuttle sat in space with horror watching their planet die hoping for hope."

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