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How to Find Higher Conscious Childcare - Tanya Jopson

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How to Find

Higher Conscious Childcare

A Life-Changing Important Decision

By Tanya Jopson


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This is a terrific, thoughtful book that all parents and child care providers should read. It is so easy to repeat parenting and teaching patterns that were taught to us growing up (and are within our comfort zones) and aren't necessarily the best options as parents and child care providers. It is so easy to follow the path paved for us growing up, it is definitely time to de-clutter our brains and make room for new and fresher approaches to early learning both at home and in a facility setting and this book definitely is an eye opener. It's a great blend of theory and examples of young children's minds. My favorite is the fact that this book is a guide in helping parents find an appropriate setting that meets their child's personal and emotional needs and stresses the importance in taking the time to do so. The advice in the book is clear, helpful and extremely perceptive. All in all a great read. Christina Pepio, An Apple a Day Academy, Sarasota,Fl.



Chapter 1 Why Higher Conscious Childcare Is the Goal

Chapter 2 The Reasons People Seek Childcare

Chapter 3 Don't Base Your Childcare Decision on This!

Chapter 4 The Hidden Dis-Ease of the Childcare World

Chapter 5 Your Child's Unfamiliar Abilities

Chapter 6 What Is the Long-Term Imprint of Childcare on Your Child?

Chapter 7 The Do's and Don'ts of Finding a Childcare Arrangement

Chapter 8 Use These Factors When Making Your Decision

Chapter 9 Childcare Is an Extension of Your Family

Chapter 10 Successful Relationships for Caregiver-Child and Parent

Chapter 11 What Constitutes a Higher Conscious Childcare Arrangement that Will Only Provide the Best for Your Family?

Chapter 12 Comparison of a Childcare Center and Smaller, Family Childcare Home

Chapter 13 A Conscious Child View from India

Chapter 14 A Child-Led Day Elicits Genius Expression

Chapter 15 Childcare for Special Needs

Chapter 16 We Always Have a Choice!

Chapter 17 Personal Checklist to Find that Suitable Place for Your Child

Chapter 18 What to Expect as Your Higher Conscious Child Grows

Chapter 19 How A New Vibration in Parenting Helps Children


Parenting in a Higher Conscious World

Often when something does not go according to our expectations the first thing we do is look for who or what is to blame. We all did that, it was a natural process of humanity for the conscious level it was at. But today we live in different times and at a far different level of conscious awareness than experienced previously. Some of the beauty in our evolution is that we no longer place blame, we actually take responsibility for our co-creative roles in this world and we act as such.

But now we know that everyday is the foundation for our future and every effort we make will have its payday. Along with this realization we know life has new guidelines for success, our parenting also has a new set of guidelines as we have to assimilate this expansion of humanities consciousness into our behaviors.

The role of parenting gives us such a gift when we no longer have to exert control over our children we just nurture from within the empowered conscious level that children born today have inherent in their DNA code. Some of those higher conscious levels that are within our children are heightened energy, compassion, and energy body capabilities that are beyond the limited capabilities we as humans have known over the last generations. During the last 50 years, an increase in children being born with expanded conscious abilities has taken place.

Caregivers have noticed the increase in developmental qualities of children by seeing that children attain and learn developmental skills at a much faster rate than previously known. Other higher conscious traits are those that are spoken of when people discuss the crystal or indigo children. Those abilities are of an energy body nature in that these children are intuitively more aware of the unseen or quantum states then we were as children. Those abilities range from and are not limited to intuition, telepathic abilities, clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral projection, and quantum jumping and energy body healing. Why is it that these children can perform in such a way? It is because they are born with a higher level of electromagnetic frequency emissions from their energy body self.

Previously in our parenting we tended to resist out of our own fear of the unknown, any of the signs for unseen world behavior that was surfacing before our very eyes and with this resistance of ours we acted in such a way to repel the energy coming to earth and therefore we slowed somewhat the evolution of humanity. But as great as the creative process is, it will not be stopped, and more and more children are born today with this higher vibrational frequency level. So with