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Metzgerhund Retreat: Imperial Rules

Length: 89 pages1 hour


If anything, sixteen year old Billy Mecklenburg was good at inventing his own rules. The fact that his band, Metzgerhund, was finally recognized as one of the top acts in the hyper competitive city of Sevran Heights, was proof of that.

Billy’s greatest accomplishment was getting Metzgerhund away from the distractions and the drama of their neighborhood---and all the home issues each of his band mates had to deal with---by having all of them hired as activity counselors at a summer park along the Chesapeake Bay. In Billy’s mind, this gave them their best shot at preparing for a potential career-defining battle of the bands at the end of summer. He was convinced of it.

Except, this ‘retreat’ quickly turned into a disaster. Not only were there more distractions and more complications waiting at the park, but their manager imposed an insane work load on them, to the point where they worked non-stop for nearly a week without so much as touching their instruments.

Billy was nearly convinced he and Metzgerhund would be caught completely unprepared for the battle of the bands, but he finally remembered the reason his musical dream made it this far in the first place.

After that, the solution was easy. Everyone at the park simply needed to know who Metzgerhund was. Including their manager.

Billy was good at that sort of thing.

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