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SITARA: A Novella Series - #1 The Absolution

Length: 62 pages1 hour


I am everywhere and nowhere, a ghost in the night. A victims dying words can change you forever, I should know. I do what the law will not allow; serving true justice, the kind that can’t be found in a courtroom. It takes a little creativity to make a child molester cry like a little girl; or a murderer beg for his own life. I am very good at what I do, too bad for them.

It acquires much time and patience to track the monsters of society. I have to carefully plan my every move. Sometimes I can hardly believe that this is the path I have taken. Maybe I didn’t choose it, maybe it chose me; not that it matters much... I’m in it for life. However long that may be. In my line of work there is always that risk. Some people call me a hero. Despite what others think, I am far too pissed off to be flying around in a fucking cape.

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