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Dinoz Wears A Tux

Length: 20 pages9 minutes


Once upon a time in a land called Amarito, there lived a Nysasaurus, Dinoz, born to an Ostrich, Ossy, in a classic exchange of eggs, Dinoz enjoyed skating, making friends by the tons at the Den. Hurdles come - like the bully, Alex the bear; the older ostrich clan, how will he deal with them?

He meets Dolphie, the dolphin and Dinoz has a hoot of a time! Will the ostrich clan accept him? And, what about Alex the spoilsport bear! The icing on the tale, of course, is the underwater party thrown by his ‘bestest’ friend Dolphie and yes, Dinoz wears a tux, where everyone has a whale of a time!!

Come; join them! Discover this fun and happy tale of Dinoz Wears a Tux! It is an all-animal tale but you might just find the characters next door! Maybe Dinoz and the guys at the den are folks you know!! It is a story of modern day families, and their fun and tricky times!

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