Fired, tired, and disillusioned, Gabriel retreats to Harbor City. He knows his lifestyle of living on the beach by day and awkwardly pretending to socialize by night can't last. By chance, he runs into an old friend, Alex, who offers him a strange employment opportunity. It's a simple assignment; kill a dangerous target with a poisoned piece of chocolate. No worries, no fears. Just do the job and you'll be well taken care of. Like a brotherhood.Is it worse that Gabriel finishes the job, and kind of likes it? Or that he can't stop asking questions? Why was this man considered dangerous? What authority does Trinity Affirmative have to execute contracts? What's the big deal about one unemployed, uninsured man? Alex says not to ask too many questions. Maybe he's right; after all, it's easy money.Inspired by hot-button issues and taken to an absurdist extreme, THE AFFORDABLE CARE CONTRACTS explores a man's struggle with personal demons, complicated relationships, uncertainty, and failure. Recommended for readers age 18 and up.
Published: AaronDeCastro on
ISBN: 9781310093326
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