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Missing at the Sandy Hook Lighthouse

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About the book . . .
Sandy Hook, New Jersey is called a barrier spit. It looks like a little finger that sticks up out of the State into the New York Bay just south of New York City. It is located on the northeast side of New Jersey. It is approximately six miles long and its width varies between one-tenth of a mile, and one mile wide, and ends in Middletown Township in Monmouth County. The name comes from the Dutch who called the area "Sant Hoek", meaning "spit of land."

The Sandy Hook Lighthouse---originally the New York Lighthouse---was commissioned by George Washington and is the oldest working lighthouse in the United States. Many of the records of the lighthouse keepers are missing between 1923 and 1962. This lighthouse seemed to conjure up many stories over the years. Its endless association with legends and obscurities includes a mysterious sea and abandoned human bones.

A child of an Irish Baron and housemaid discovers she was abandoned to a couple on a baby farm in Scotland. She loves her foster parents deeply, but they are killed in an accident, and she is scooped away from the farm by a rich and very strict Calvinist aunt.
She suffers additional tragedies despite being blessed with a good education and wealth through several deaths. Her life of heartbreak and desire is never quenched until she has a baby of her own, Nora.
But it was a short-lived reprieve from unhappiness, as a catastrophe takes her and her rich husband Harry Fairmont, who had lost all he owned in the stock market crash of 1929.
Nora miraculously ends up on the barrier spit of Sandy Hook where she grows up in the lighthouse with strangers during the depression.

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