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Serengeti Serenade Exposed

Length: 174 pages2 hours


Cinn Wyatt-Jones returns to the Serengeti to find Dr. Colin McCullough's time dominated by a group of rich, foundation donors. An already stressful situation becomes tragic when one of them is murdered. It becomes frightening with the realization that one of them has to be the murderer, but which one? Daughter of a detective, Cinn can't keep herself from trying to solve the crime. Worried about her safety, Colin tells her to stop. When she asks him if that's an order, he replies that she can call it what she wants, but she has to stop. "You're not the boss of me," she replies. Alienated from Colin, Cinn finds herself struggling with a difficult film script, her own fictional murder mystery, and a real murder mystery. What else could go wrong? Another murder, perhaps?

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