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Bobby the Aardvark

Length: 87 pages1 hour


This is a transgender allegorical tale of a child who is magically transported to the world of aardvarks and must learn how to cope being in an such an alien land. This story tries to give a feeling of how trans people feel living cis-gendered world. The story idea came from the author's workshop called "Trans 101 - Trans Information for the Non-trans Community".

In the workshop she asks how they would feel if they woke up one day and they were an aardvark. They looked like an aardvark, they smelled like an aardvark and all the other aardvarks said they should just aardvark-up and get over it. This light hearted reference, devoid of any sexual connotation, was meant to get past the knee-jerk reaction most people had to words that had S-E-X or G-E-N-D-E-R in them.

Transgender people more often than not have their lives sensationalized or are treated as sexual deviants. They are at a much higher risk for violence, suicide and substance abuse than the national average.

This story is an attempt to try to bring understanding to the cis-gendered without using gender as a descriptive term.

While there are no sexual situations whatsoever in this story, this is not a childrens story. There are images of brutality, aggression, and manipulation which younger readers would not understand.

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