REVISED EDITION.There are two version of this erotic story. In both versions, a woman has fallen in love with a person who is forbidden to her, and she makes love on numerous occasions with that person. In "Her Shameful Desires.", the forbidden person is a slave of sorts. In "The Princess, Her Harem, Her Brother and the Duel." the forbidden person is her brother.=====This novel contains three arcs:Arc 1: "The Princess And Revelations."Arc 2: "The Princess And Her Descent."Arc 3: "The Princess And The Duel." / "Maria And..."===Princess Maria still has some problems.Certainly she's finally managed to make love with her darling Servant, despite him being a man and therefore pretty much lower than scum. Her only immediate ambitions are therefore, to watch him make love with each of her six beautiful, female Knights. Her female Knights have made her say and do things that she really shouldn't have, though, and he's already starting to have the same effect. Furthermore, she's twenty five years old, and yet she still hasn't made out with the members of her church, let alone given her buttocks to her Mistress; and that's the sort of duty that a girl dreams of fulfilling.Well, if she thinks that those are the greatest of her problems then she's sorely mistaken. She's the most popular Princess that her world has ever seen, and the world is full of powerful women who would love nothing more than to hold a double-ended dildo within their buttocks just for her. Of course, things will work out for her in the end because her world's pretty much a paradise, for the women at least. Who knows who, how and where she'll have to fuck before her dreams come true, though...
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