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Eve has eaten from the Tree of Knowledge. As the serpent Tiamat promised, her eyes have become open to the good and evil in all things, including the human heart. Soon after, a flood casts her and Adam out of Eden, the curses God spoke of fall upon them, and she gives birth to two sons, into a world from which they must suffer and die. But only when her oldest son Cain kills his brother Abel, does she feel the true weight and regret of what she has done.
Now, in her greatest despair, Tiamat has returned. Under the command of his mysterious master, he tells her that the waters have receded and Eden is alive again. With the promise of bringing her dead son back to life, he tells her of the Tree of Life and how it has the power to vanquish all suffering, if she is willing to betray God once more. She is forced to choose between Tiamat, who offers what she desires most, and God, who once cast her out of Eden. But how can she trust a serpent who is willing to betray his own Creator? And how can she trust a Creator whose truth is kept hidden from the world?
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