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What separate The Children of God from all the other books on the planet is that it was specifically designed
as a graphic novel to simplify the greatest story ever told in human history.
The content of this book will surprise everyone because mankind never dreamed the day would come when the true facts of his past, his greatness and future would be laid at his feet by his Creator. This life changing event was prophesied in the King James Bible [John 16:12-15] as well as the woman who would deliver Jesus’s final revelations to the world [Rev.12].
The “Children of God” is the extension of The King James Bible and contain the rest of Jesus’s story, which is based on proven facts that everyone can now prove for themselves. The other areas of support comes from Albert Einstein on the phenomenon of the universe and Nostradamus who predicted the all-truth would replace blind beliefs and would unite science and religion in the 21st century.
The Children of God is a book of hope for it offers mankind a new beginning base on proven truths. The new treasures of the 21st century are divine knowledge and it is our intelligence that will determine mankind’s future.
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