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Murder, mayhem, marriage and revenge are all elements of this story of the ancient kingdom of Mali. The thirteenth century warrior, Sundiata Keita, makes a sanakhou pact of mutual aid with warrior-archer Faony Konde, a chief of the Konde tribes, as thanks for the warrior’s help in defeating the evil king of the Sosso tribes.
Twenty years later, Sundiata Keita, calls in the pledge of sanakhou in his time of need. His need is to fi nd a husband for his unmarried daughter. Faony Konde sends his oldest son to now king, Sundiata Keita, to honor his sanakhou pact. Finally, murderers and thieves are captured; conspiracies and motives of revenge are revealed and the throne and Sundiata’s power over his kingdom are secure.
This second edition of Sanakhou contains additional information about the map of ancient Mali and a genealogy chart of the Keita dynasty.
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